Have these delicious and healthy meals during celebrations.

Guilt-Free Alternatives To Festive Meals

Have these delicious and healthy meals during celebrations.

Christmas is coming, but we don’t want to gain unwanted weight! There’s a myriad of healthy alternatives to popular Christmas dishes and snacks that still taste great, if not, even better. Knock yourself out with a few of our selected dishes, so you can have your Christmas treats and eat them too.

1. Cauliflower Mash

Try making cauliflower mash as a healthier alternative to a staple on your plate.

With less carbs than your usual potatoes, cauliflower mash is the perfect alternative. It has a lighter, smoother texture and much more taste. Plus, you can still add in your favourite ingredients for an added punch.

Cut your cauliflower into small florets and put boil them until tender. Drain the pot and let the florets cool down for a while, before wrapping them in a kitchen towel to drain further. Finally, blend the cauliflower florets and combine them with garlic, butter, salt, pepper and chives.

2. Greek Yoghurt Dip

Greek yoghurt dip is a healthier alternative to heavier cream-laden dips.

It’s tough to resist chomping on dips and crackers before we get to the main course. But why waste all your calories on appetizers when they only fill a tiny portion of your stomach? The next time you prepare a platter, replace your sour cream dips with non-fat Greek yoghurt for a guilt-free tasty treat.

3. Hot Apple Cider

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Though delicious, a mug of eggnog can contain up to 250 calories. What if I told you that can have your Christmas drink without consuming half your recommended dose of saturated fat? Piping hot apple cider does the trick, saving up to 150 calories and all that fat.

4. Broccoli Tots

Round off your healthy meal with some vegetables, such as broccoli tots.

If you tend to feel peckish during Christmas, you’ll love this dish. Broccoli tots are an excellent alternative to tater tots, and a much healthier alternative.

Boil two cups of broccoli for just a few seconds, before dicing them into tiny pieces. Combine the mixture with egg, cheese, diced onions and bread crumbs and start moulding them into your desired shapes. Pop them in an oven preheated to 200 degrees celsius for about 20 minutes until golden brown.

5. Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pies may be a healthier alternative to other desserts.

What’s a holiday without pecan pie? You might ask. But have you tried pumpkin pie? We have to admit that it’s not exactly the healthiest treat, but it’s still 200 calories lesser and whole lot more delicious. Plus, you’ll be getting loads of nutrients such as vitamin A, iron and calcium. Now, what’s a holiday without pumpkin pie?

6. Roasted Fruits

Try roasting fruits for a delicious dessert!

You can still feel the Christmas spirit without plum pudding! If you love desserts, roasted fruits are a delicious substitute, and it comes without the guilt too. Cut your favourite fruits in half, drizzle honey and cinnamon over them and roast them until tender. Once roasted, you can even have them with low-fat yoghurt for extra flavour.


With all the food, fun and festivities, you might end up eating a little too much or consuming something that’s not right for your tummy. If you’re suffering from bloating, food poisoning or other kinds of digestive issues, don’t hesitate to video consult our doctors for help within minutes, and get medication delivered to you. You’ll also be glad to know that our doctors are available throughout the weekends and public holidays. Click here to consult today.