It is easy to stay healthy with these 6 lifestyle changes.

6 Poor Hygiene Habits That Affect Health

It is easy to stay healthy with these 6 lifestyle changes.

Many of us slide into seemingly harmless daily routines or lifestyle habits that we don’t give a second thought about. But did you know that some of these habits can have a significant impact on our personal hygiene and health?

It may be time to start thinking twice about the little things you do on a daily basis. Making small changes can make a big difference on your personal hygiene and overall health. Read on for the 6 common poor hygiene habits that people make!

1. Staying in your gym clothes

Staying in your gym clothes for too long may lead to acne and yeast infections.

It’s a common habit to stay in the same sweaty active wear for a couple hours after your workout, especially when you’re grabbing brunch after. Your gym clothes may be super comfortable but wearing them for too long can cause bacteria to linger. Eventually, this can lead to acne and yeast infections. You may even scare off your brunch date with the “scent”! Your best bet is to head to the showers as soon as possible and change out into a fresh set of clothing.

2. Using your phone in the toilet

Your phone may end up covered with bacteria if you use it in the toilet.

Most of us have brought our phones to the bathroom, while some of us enjoy browsing through social media while hanging out in the cubicle. We don’t think much about it but bringing your phone to the loo opens up opportunities for loads of bacteria from the bathroom to get to your body. Try to leave your phone out of the bathroom, especially a public one, or wipe your phone and hands clean after making a visit.

3. Sharing towels or toothbrushes

Sharing personal items, even with your loved ones, encourages the spread of bacteria and germs.

When you dry your body, your towel wipes and captures bacteria and dead skin from your body. Toothbrushes are also contaminated with bacteria, saliva and other debris from your body and toothpaste. Sharing these personal items with people encourages the spread of germs, potentially causing infections.

4. Resting your hands on your face

Resting your hand on your face may cause acne and pimples.

We’re probably guilty of constantly leaning our face on our hands or touching our face with our fingers often. Whenever we do this, we add bacteria to our faces, which can lead to pimples and acne. It can be tough to break this habit, and sometimes we do this subconsciously. Try to take extra care to keep your hands away from your face, and use a handkerchief or facial tissue instead.

5. Eating on your bed or desk

Eating in the bedroom may attract unwanted visitors.

Food should be kept out of your bedroom, period. Eating and snacking in the bedroom can bring bugs such as ants and cockroaches to the place you sleep. These critters often carry diseases that can cause digestive illnesses. Eating in bed also makes your mattress a prime breeding ground for germs and bacteria, making you fall sick easily and weakening your immune system. Besides, developing the habit to associate your bedroom with sleep and rest is of utmost importance to your sleep health. And that means keeping everything else such as food, television, and phone screens out.


And now you know the top mistakes people often make with regards to their personal hygiene! Remember to take note of your habits and make small changes to improve your personal health. If you need body care products to ward of bacteria and germs, head to Marketplace and check out our range of cleansers, body washes, sanitisers and lotions! Click here to enter Marketplace today!