Energy-boosting lifestyle hacks at work to improve productivity

6 Lifestyle Hacks to Instantly Boost Energy

Energy-boosting lifestyle hacks at work to improve productivity

Most of us have experienced one of those days where time seems to pass excruciatingly slow. We feel uninspired and distracted from our work, our minds wandering far and wide, despite the mounting deadlines.

As the responsible adults that we are, we try to snap ourselves out of our daydreams and recharge our focus and energy levels, often with stimulants such as energy drinks or caffeine. There are some simple and healthy lifestyle hacks that do not involve excessive artificial stimulants to give your energy levels an instant boost. Read on and incorporate them into your day now!

1. Change Up Your Environment

One easy lifestyle hack is changing the environment you're working in.

If you’re working in an office, give your mind a little break by changing your surroundings. Try hotdesking, or simply working from a different area, such as a small empty meeting room or vacant desk. Sometimes, re-arranging your desk or adding some ornaments (such as a potted plant) can make a whole lot of difference. If you’re working at home, it’s much easier to change your location – you can even work from your bed or kitchen if that suits you!

2. Sweat It Out

Get an extra boost of energy after a good work out.

One great way to improve focus and mental energy is to put physical stress on your body! Though it seems ironic, exercise triggers the release of endorphins which improves your mood and reduces feelings of pain. Exercising also suppresses the release of stress hormones, improving your mental wellness and sleep quality. Consider hitting the gym to do a quick lunchtime cardio class for a midday pick-me-up!

3. Get Inspired

Reading or watching short motivational articles and videos before starting your workday can give you a boost of inspiration and put you in a positive mood for the entire day. This change of mindset can go a long way in enabling you to better handle daunting tasks and stressful situations. You can even pen down inspirational quotes and thoughts and hang them around your desk as a reminder to stay positive throughout the day.

4. Don’t forget to fuel up (healthily)

Eating well is key to productivity.

Sometimes, work can get so stressful that we may lose track of the time and start to skip meals. Other times, stress and anxiety may either cause us to lose our appetite or go on a binge-eating spree. In both cases, remember to practice mindful eating by making sure we eat regular nutritious meals during our work week – your brain also needs proper nutrition to function well.

5. Take More Breaks

Make sure to give yourself enough breaks.

Working for long periods of time without any breaks can lower our productivity by affecting our ability to focus. Regular breaks give your brain a quick breather, improving your attention span and leaving you more refreshed to take in new information. Some examples of breaks can include tidying up your desk, taking a short walk around the office or simply resting your eyes for a few minutes.

6. Declutter And Organise

A great lifestyle hack is getting organised, so you don't feel overwhelmed by all your tasks.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work to complete, break down your workload into smaller segments, make a simple checklist or timetable and cross out each small segment once you’ve completed it. You’ll feel a lot better when you’ve crossed out a few segments – seeing your progress can make you feel more accomplished, which can help you cope with heavy deliverables. A tidier table also helps you to feel calmer, more focused and less stressed.


Beyond these lifestyle hacks, optimal nutrition is important to keep your brain going when you’re hard at work. Supplements that contain magnesium, vitamin B, omega 3 and other antioxidants, vitamins and minerals can help to reduce stress, improve focus and mental energy levels. You can find supplements that contain these ingredients on our specially curated wellness Marketplace – click here to start shopping today!