Learn how to relieve body aches and pains.

6 Effective Ways To Relieve Body Aches & Pains

Learn how to relieve body aches and pains.

Body and muscle aches are very commonly experienced in our daily life. These pains are usually caused by factors such as stress, tension, bad posture and physical activity, and tend to be mild or moderate, but seldom severe. With that said, body aches are no doubt frustrating and disruptive, and it can make even the simplest activity a lot harder to accomplish.

The good news is that most aches can be treated with easy remedies and a good rest, so read on for 6 effective ways to ease your suffering.

1. Take a hot bath

Taking a hot bath can help to relieve body aches.

A hot bath is a form of heat therapy that can help to loosen and relax muscles which are tight, as well as promote blood circulation. Apart from relieving body discomfort and pain, it’s also a great stress reliever after a long hard day of work and to-dos.

2. Apply heat patches

Manage your pain with heat patches.

There are lots of patches out there that specially target and relieve body aches and pain. One example is the kind of patch that uses heat therapy to relieve pain. Applying heat to your body or back can make you feel more relaxed and improve the flow of blood around the targeted area. There are also other homemade heat therapies that you can use, such as a heating pad, hot towel or even a hot water bottle.

3. Get an ice pack

An ice pack may help to reduce your pain.

Besides heat therapy, applying an ice park or a cold compress can also help to relieve body aches by slowing down nerve activity in the targeted areas for a short while. This gives a temporary anesthetizing effect, which can provide quick and effective pain relief.

4. Invest in a foam roller

Include a foam roller in your warm-ups and cool-downs for greater pain relief.

If you play a lot of sports or hit the gym regularly, it might be worth investing in a foam roller. You can use this piece of equipment to release the knots and tensions in your muscles after a workout session, so you can continue training the next day. There are different kinds of foam rollers, but to start, you can buy one with medium pressure and learn some basic foam rolling techniques.

5. Go for a massage

Massages may be helpful in relieving body aches and pains.

A deep tissue massage can go a long way in rebalancing your body and relieving aches and strains that come about from musculoskeletal imbalances. Alternatively, you can also consider going for a sports massage. Not only can this type of massage relieve muscle tension that has built up over time, it can also increase your range of joint movement and allow damaged muscle tissue to recover faster.

6. Take pain relief medications

If all else fails, take some pain relief medication.

Body aches can be quite disruptive to your daily life, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed to consult a doctor if they are getting too unbearable. There are many medications, both over-the-counter or prescribed, that can help you relieve your pain quickly and effectively. Speak to a doctor to find out which medications are most appropriate for your type of pain.


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