Life in the new normal doesn't have to be scary.

New normal: Life after COVID-19

Life in the new normal doesn't have to be scary.

Life as we know it, may never be the same again.

COVID-19 has changed the way we work, live and play. What are some of the biggest adjustments and challenges that you have to cope with? Here’s what the new normal looks like in our daily lives.

Family & Socialising

Social greetings: Handshakes have been replaced by just waving from a distance. It is unlikely that we will see a handshake in a long time.
Gathering size: Social gatherings and recreational activities are allowed in groups of up to 8 persons. While this means that we can catch up with friends over food and drinks again, large scale gatherings like concerts and ballroom weddings are still not allowed, and alcohol sale and consumption has to end by 10:30pm.

Work & Study

Work from home: There are reports that workplace infections have risen since the Phase Two reopening. To protect the workforce, employers are encouraged to maintain telecommunicating and work-from-home arrangements if feasible.
Home-based learning: Schools continue to refine home-based learning arrangements as a permanent back up plan. It is likely to be put into action in the event that community infection rates rise.
For more information about what activities are currently permitted in the new normal, refer to this update.


Seeing a doctor: Safety concerns over visiting the doctor during this pandemic may prompt you to not go at all. However, waiting too long before seeking treatment is equally dangerous. Other than ensuring your safety with social distancing and proper personal hygiene, you can also consult a doctor online via video-consult without leaving your house.
Routine health check up: The pandemic will be around for a long time until a vaccine is found, but this does not mean letting your health take a backseat. Mobile medical teams can perform health screenings, including blood tests and vaccinations at your home. The best part of home-based health screenings? Not having to travel to the clinic while you are hungry after the mandatory 10-hour fast. Book a home-based health screening or vaccination package.
Refilling medication: As online shopping has become part of the new norm during this pandemic, medication can be prescribed and delivered to you within 3 hours with an online GP consultation. Should you need medication to treat chronic conditions, or even a refill of your monthly oral contraceptives, you can consult a doctor quickly within 5 minutes on Doctor Anywhere.
Refill your medication online with the Doctor Anywhere app.