Check out Doctor Anywhere Marketplace for a variety of health and wellness services

6 Holistic Health Services On DA Marketplace

Check out Doctor Anywhere Marketplace for a variety of health and wellness services

Taking care of your health is not just about going to the doctor’s when you fall ill. A holistic and sustainable way to ensure a high quality of life includes maintaining a good level of physical fitness, having adequate nutrition, and fixing physical imbalances to prevent long term chronic pains. Being responsible for your well-being helps you to literally, keep the doctor away!

From physiotherapy and chiropractic sessions, to meal plans and fitness packages, we’ve got your well-being covered with the range of wellness services available on the Marketplace. Read on for some pointers to kickstart your wellness journey today!


1. Schedule regular health screenings

You can book health screenings on the Doctor Anywhere Marketplace

You can book different types of health screening services on the Marketplace, ranging from basic to comprehensive packages. You can even save the hassle of leaving your home with home-based screening packages – we’ll send a phlebotomist right to your doorstep for the full screening, with results reviewed with a doctor through a video consultation.

2. Don’t lapse on your vaccinations

It's easy to sign up for your regular vaccinations via Doctor Anywhere

What’s better to ward off infectious diseases than getting direct immunisation? If you’re concerned about conditions such as influenza, vaccinations are the most effective protection against them. On the Marketplace platform, we offer home-based vaccinations to help boost you and your family’s immunity.

3. Invest in your physical fitness

Book fitness packages through the Doctor Anywhere Marketplace and get moving

From personal training to group workout classes, we have a range of fitness packages available on the Marketplace. Why not take this opportunity to work towards a healthier, stronger and more flexible body? And you’ll end up feeling great too!

4. Smile, it’s a curve that sets everything right

Dental services are available on the Doctor Anywhere Marketplace

Your pearlies are one of your best assets. Aside from making sure that you’re brushing twice and flossing once daily, it also helps to visit the dentist every 6 months, as preventative dental care can help in early detection of other diseases and issues such as vitamin deficiencies and osteoporosis. Book services like scaling and polishing, general consultations and even oral x-rays at affordable rates on the Marketplace.

5. Chronic pains from sitting too long at the desk? See a Chiropractor or Physiotherapist

Relieve your back aches with services available on the Doctor Anywhere Marketplace

If you’ve been suffering from persistent knee, joint or back pains, either due to sporting activities or from a sedentary lifestyle, you should probably see a chiropractor or physiotherapist to get your body checked! On our Marketplace platform, we have services that can help to relieve physical pains, diagnose your condition, correct spinal alignments, and teach you how to keep pain at bay.

6. Abs, and a healthy gut are made in the kitchen

Eat clean with the delicious meals available on the Doctor Anywhere Marketplace

Clean eating doesn’t have to be boring – it can be fun and sustainable with a great meal plan! If you’re looking to start eating healthier, gain muscles or even lose some fat, check out our range of meal plan options on the Marketplace which target different goals.


Lastly, don’t forget to supplement your nutrition with sufficient vitamins and minerals to keep your immunity strong. If you feel you’re not getting enough nutrients, check out the Marketplace for supplements that you can conveniently include in your diet. Purchase the products in-app and get them delivered right to your doorstep! Click here to enter Marketplace.