These travel essentials will prevent any health disruptions when you're abroad.

6 Essentials To Stay Healthy When Travelling

These travel essentials will prevent any health disruptions when you're abroad.

Are you travelling soon? It can be tough to keep tabs on your health when you’re on the move. But whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a newbie, we sometimes have to face health-related and situational stresses during a trip.

Struggling with these issues is probably the last thing you’d want to do when you’re on a holiday. So, it’s important to be prepared by bringing along your travel health and wellness essentials, since you can’t guarantee the quality of items bought in the foreign destination.

Read on for the top five wellness items to bring on a holiday, so you can stay on top of your health during a well-earned trip!

1. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is an absolute travel essential to keep healthy when you're overseas.

A travel bug can hit you anytime during your trip. Having a first aid kit at hand can help you prevent a small health problem from ruining your entire holiday! Pack a simple kit that includes pain relief medications, antihistamines, diarrhoea and indigestion tablets, rehydration salts, bandages and plasters and antiseptic cream. You can also get travel vaccinations to boost your immunity and prevent infectious diseases from your destination country.

2. Exercise Clothing

Pack exercise clothing and get a good work out, even when you're on holiday.

A holiday is no excuse to skip leg day! Try to squeeze some time during your trip to do a bit of cardio, yoga or strength exercises. Don’t forget to pack in your exercise clothes and running shoes, so you’ll always be prepared to get active. There are still many options for exercise during a holiday – you can grab a city bike, go for a night run or try out indoor yoga.

3. Skincare Pack

Bring along a skincare pack to look after your skin.

Tugging along skincare and bodycare products when travelling can be a little tough, especially if you have to follow the 3oz rule for your containers. But don’t skip this altogether – the environmental and mental stresses during a trip can take a toll on your skin, and it’s best to stick to your daily routine regardless of how busy you are. The three basic skincare products to bring are – a cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen. You can also bring along a small bottle of hand sanitiser to keep the germs away, and mosquito repellent to prevent mosquito-borne illnesses!

4. Healthy Snacks

Have healthy snacks on you.

When you’re on the go, it’s useful to carry around a pack of healthy snacks such as nuts, protein bars or dried fruits in a ziplock bag. This can help you practice mindful eating when you’re travelling, especially if you’re tempted by surrounding local food joints that may not offer healthy food options.

5. Supplements

Supplements are health travel essentials.

To boost your immunity while you’re on a holiday, bring along some supplements and probiotics. To boost your gut health, probiotics – good bacteria and yeasts help to improve digestion and keep your gut functioning well. You can also pack vitamin D and C in your suitcase, nutrients which are known to be crucial for immune defences against infections and diseases.

6. Water Bottle

Make sure you drink enough water every day by bringing along a water bottle.

It seems like a simple thing but not being sufficiently hydrated can cause a whole lot of health problems. Water is essential for your body’s basic functions, such as respiration and metabolism and so on. It’s also vital for optimising and regulating the brain’s functions and performance, including motor skills, cognitive health, focus and even mood. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle so you can reach your goal of six to eight glasses of water every day.


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